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Kalamkari implies an old-fashioned technique of hand composition art done on cloth or silk material including a tamarind pen, applying natural colors on sarees. The term Kalamkari came from a Persian concept where “kalam” indicates pen and “Kari”points to craftsmanship.

This art includes 23 wearisome levels of block printing, dying, hand painting, bleaching, cleaning, searching, and more.

Motifs illustrated in Kalamkari traverses from herbs, peacock, paisleys to religious signs of Hindu sagas like Mahabharata and Ramayana. Nowadays, this representation is independently done to devise Kalamkari sarees.

As each state of India produces different types of sarees, Kalamkari sarees are more popular from Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat states. The beauty of Kalamkari saree is that you will be able to find so many varieties of sarees that can match to any skin tone.

History of Kalamkari sarees

History of Kalamkari sarees

The light strokes concerning this classical Indian literature date behind back the Roman age from where the remnants of Kalamkari block-printing material were primarily observed in the archaeological places of Egypt.

Later, the traditional items of testimony further pretense that the Kalamkari design pieces of testimony were also extricated from Coromandel Coast in Andhra Pradesh behind in the 13th and 14th era.

Ages before, folk musicians and artists used to roam from one community to others, revealing tales of Hindu religion to the community characters.

However, with the passage of period, the method of telling stories converted into canvas landscape and that’s when Kalamkari art originally observed the brilliance of daylight.

This vivid art records back to higher than 3000 B.C. According to the archaeologists, fabric representations representing Kalamkari painting was discovered at the archeological localities of Mohenjo-Daro.

However, it was throughout the Mughal period when this method of art got attention. Mughals patronized this artwork within the Golconda plus Coromandel area where experienced craftsmen (acknowledged as Kalamkari) employed to prepare this design, that’s how this creation and the concept Kalamkari grew.

Beneath the Golconda Sultanate, this painting prospered at Machilipatnam of Andhra Pradesh and moreover was expanded throughout the 18th century, as a beautiful pattern on clothes by Britishers in India.

Till now, several classes in Andhra Pradesh proceed to prepare this design plus this has labored as the excellent root of livelihood for them, across the ages.

Kalamkari material and Kalamkari work

Kalamkari material and Kalamkari work

The method of creating a Kalamkari includes 23 levels. From the simple method of lightening the fabric, bending it, sun drying, making natural colors, hand art, to the means of wind drying and wash, the entire system is a method which needs exactness and perception for allocating.

The cotton material utilized for Kalamkari is primarily handled with a suspension of cow manure including bleach. After putting the material in this liquid for minutes, the textile grows a uniform off-white shade.

After this, the cloth fabric is dipped in a blend of buffalo milk and Myrobalans. This circumvents the smudging of colors in the material while it is washed with regular colors.

Next, the material is rinsed under flowing water to become rid of the smell of buffalo milk.  The material moreover, is washed twenty times and withered below the sun.

Once the material is available for art, artists draw motifs and patterns on the material. After this, the Kalamkari artisans prepare colors using original references to fill shades within the designs.

Including minute items, the Kalamkari practice ‘tamarind twig’ aspen, to draw beautiful leitmotifs of Indian god and goddesses like Parvati, Krishna Raas-Leela, Vishnu, designs of a peacock, lotus; Shri Jagannath; and scenes from the Hindu epics like Mahabharata and Ramayana.

Types of Kalamkari sarees

There are two identifiable techniques of Kalamkari painting in India – Srikalahasti style and Machilipatnam style. In the Machilipatnam technique of Kalamkari, leitmotifs are originally calligraphed with hand-carved inherited sections with elaborate detailing decorated by workers.

Alternatively, Srikalahasti technique of art draws motivation from the Hindu religion representing pictures from the legends and traditions. This technique ensures a mighty religious unity because of its influence in the synagogues.

In modern days, two different kinds of Kalamkari decorations have also developed based on the places where it is produced. Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh comprise two superior states in India, where two distinct classes of Kalamkari designs are prepared.

The Andhra Kalamkari uses design influence from fortresses, castles, and pagodas of India, forward with leitmotifs of creatures and birds. While the Gujarat Kalamkari represents leitmotifs of fictitious personages like Lord Krishna, Krishna-Arjuna from Mahabharata, Lord Buddha, Lord Ganesha etc.

Kalamkari Cotton Sarees

Kalamkari cotton sarees

Kalamkari cotton sarees possess an extremely unprecedented visual attractiveness due to the prominent feature employed in its generation.

It remains one among the foremost causes why sarees including this impression are so characteristic and clearly noticeable in a group.

Counter to traditional thinking, this impression can likewise be practiced on silk plus kalamkari silk sarees are pretty attractive as well.

Kerala cotton Kalamkari saree possesses a pure cotton base which can be conveniently carried on monsoon times as Kerala cotton possesses a tenor of not grasping or absorbing the rainwater.

Therefore if it pours a lot in your area and you are looking for an everyday outfit including ethnic crafts on it, then purchase the Kalamkari cotton saree at the beginning.

You require taking additional responsibility while cleaning these sarees. Make sure you avoid hand washing if you desire to save the woven elaborateness uninjured.

Follow dry washing or petrol washing to receive the choicest effects. Moreover, if you are not from a rain-prone state, you can carry the Kerala cotton Kalamkari saree matching it with terracotta jewels any day to appear good-looking.

Kalamkari Silk Sarees

Kalamkari silk sarees

The kalamkari pattern resembles perfect on silk material because it combines a lightly more prosperous quality to the print including the attire as well.

These patterns are additionally referred to as kalamkari art forms as they are likewise applied to form a picture representing temples and idols. This is the reason why kalamkari designs that are done on kalamkari engraving sarees serve to possess a different prospect.

Women who desire light ethnic outfits, Kalamkari composed Assam silk saree remains for them. Assam silk possesses a different feeling including a mustard tone lighter color on which well-made Kalamkari frameworks add multifold beauty.

You require taking additional responsibility while cleaning these sarees. Do not handwash it if you need to retain the interwoven patterns intact. Make sure to go through a dry cleaning process or petrol wash to notice the best effects.

Pretty women who love classic and ethnic sarees, Kalamkari designed Muga silk saree is also for them. Muga silk possesses a regal glory including golden color on which exceptional Kalamkari art add beauty.

Kalamkari Crepe Sarees

Kalamkari crepe sarees

If you imply a woman who interests dressing with minimum burden sarees, then this variety of saree remains the ideal wear for you.

Crepe is remarkably lightweight plus it reduces the difficulty of your everyday wearing. Dark crepe Kalamkari sarees are fabricated by experienced handloom specialists.

This beautiful piece of saree is the soundest wear for everyday office going idea both for any regular meeting or concerning any semi-casual appointment. You require taking special care while cleaning these sarees.

Do not handwash your saree if you need to keep the interwoven parts uninjured. Follow dry washing or petrol washing to obtain excellent outcomes. Buy this particular type of Kalamkari saree if you are thinking about what to wear for your office the next day!

Kalamkari Chanderi Hand-Printed sarees

Kalamkari Chanderi Hand-Printed sarees

Women who adore classic silk can purchase this chanderi hand-printed Kalamkari sarees online. Chanderi is incipiently from Madhya Pradesh which implies an amalgamation of silk cotton, chanderi cotton, and pure silk.

Women who need to boost their artistic side can carry this saree to magnify their style. Kalamkari engravings on chanderi assure royal look and one can match it with silver or gold brocade.

Latest kalamkari sarees

Kalamkari Sarees are forever supposed rich and beautiful alternative for Saree Lovers! It remains an age-old technique which is presently even better-looking when inserted in handloom saree making.

These times we notice some pretty kalamkari sarees in the store! Research states that completely 7 million personalities in India are involved in the generation of handloom sarees, plus kalamkari saree remains one such prominent handloom practice which needs art, inscription, and fondness for portraits and strings both.

Kalamkari is not restricted to pictures and sarees these times, however, some chic attire further got a feeling of kalamkari presently.

Now we recognize Fashion Designers providing a stylish finish to kalamkari expertise while applying it in contemporary western outlay. But, there are some people who still are keen towards wearing a saree as regular attire. Here are some latest Kalamkari saree types and designs for them.

  • Kalamkari sarees with zari embroidary
  • Sambalpuri hand-printed Kalamkari sarees
  • Tussar silk saree with Kalamkari print on it
  • Uppada Kalamkari sarees
  • Ponduru Khadi sarees with Kalamkari prints
  • Dharmavaram Kalamkari print sarees
  • Ikkat sarees with Kalamkari blocks
  • Half-Khesh and Half-Kalamkari saree from bengal handloom artists

These are some of the latest designs that are trending on the market these days. Women who love Kalamkari prints can choose from any one of the above options as these are readily available on the market these days.

Price of Kalamkari sarees

The price of Kalamkari sarees varies a lot from region to region. However, the sarees start at a basic price of INR 800 and can range up to INR 8000. Also, this particular margin is for normal sarees.

If you are looking for designer sarees with Kalamkari prints or art on it, you may have to pay a higher price. Furthermore, the price also depends on the material on which the print is done.

Thus, make sure to do a detailed research on the region and the material before you fix your eye on a particular saree.

Kalamkari Blouse Designs

A lovely designed blouse can surely append to the charm of every saree and the kalamkari blouses stand the ones presently in style.

The soundest thing regarding these blouses is that due to their impressive display, they can be matched not simply with kalamkari sarees but further with an additional variety of saree to prepare the best appearance.

These designs are normally prepared on organic textiles like cotton or silk plus they continue the modern trend.  Here is a roundup of the newest kalamkari blouse patterns, check out to get your best.

Half Sleeved, Kalamkari Blouse

Half sleeved, kalamkari blouse

Half sleeved Kalamkari blouses are on the trend these days, and maximum young end up styling their blouses in this pattern from their favorite tailor.

This pattern of blouse goes well if you getting ready for a formal occasion or else you are too lazy to dress up that heavily so that a simple blouse can intensify your overall look.

Back Hook, Kalamkari Blouse

Back hook, kalamkari blouse

Be sensitive including this incredible kalamkari blouse pattern that possesses a splendid back hook to secure it delightful from every corner, plus it is the one that you must pick to get an ignition of excellence.

Make sure to stitch your blouses in this pattern if you are looking for a blouse to wear on a daily basis for your office presentations.

Back-string, Kalamkari blouse

Back-string, Kalamkari blouse

Gets the ideal counterpart for your classic beauty including the back-string, kalamkari blouse that is the potential to allow you to look a beautiful diva?

Furthermore, this particular design is more suitable for young ladies as they have a thing for trying out unique and new designs. Therefore, make sure to choose your design according to the person wearing it.

Semi-sleeved, Kalamkari Blouse

Semi-sleeved, kalamkari blouse

The style concerning the semi-sleeved blouse cannot be dismissed and the rage of kalamkari blouse is something which no lady can overlook.

If you notice the mixture of these both required attribute, then no one can hold himself to stare at your gorgeous look.

Oval-shaped, Kalamkari Blouse

Oval-shaped, kalamkari blouse

There are various blouse patterns but the charm the kalamkari blouse possesses with an oval shaped neckline cannot be beatable by an average composition, therefore if you need distinct attention to startle the personalities then it is the soundest option.

Therefore, keep in mind that change is the only thing you can get by wearing this design.

Other Popular Kalamkari Products

These days Kalamkari work is no more limited to only sarees. Every other product ranging from tops, kurtas, bags are seen with Kalamkari work these days.

This section is all about that. We are going to walk you through the additional products seen with Kalamkari work these days.

Kalamkari Tops

These days you can see various Kalamkari tops in the market printed with beautiful Kalamkari designs on it. If you are a lady and have a girl child, you can look for these Kalamkari tops with intricate designs engraved on it.

Kalamkari Suits

Suits with Kalamkari prints on it also look beautiful like sarees. Middle-aged women can opt for these kinds of outfits as every day wear.

Kalamkari craft work is done with complex and detailed precision so that it looks good on every outfit. Thus, if you seeking a traditional Kalamkari outfit with intricate designs and zari work on it, make sure to go for Kalamkari suits. They will surely match your unique and ethnic personality, and traditional hairstyle on this saree will magnify the beautiful appearance..

Kalamkari Coats

Coats with Kalamkari work have become popular these days to a great extent.

Ladies willing to get than Indo-western look can surely purchase these coats from any of the leading brands and stores in the market. They are elegant and classy and looks good on every Indian woman.

Kalamkari Kurtis

Kalamkari kurtis are one of the most common Kalamkari attires available in Indian market. Apart from its elegant designs and intricate patterns, this kurtis look extra fabulous when they are paired with matching jewelleries.

Therefore, if you are an Indian lady looking for some traditional Indian attire, then Kalamkari kurtis are the ideal pick for you.

Kalamkari Dresses

The search for your ultimate ethnic dress will eventually come to an end when you will take a glance at a beautiful Kalamkari dress. Yes, that’s the magic of this beautiful historical design and pattern.

Dresses these days are created with unique variety and Kalamkari design on dresses is one such example.

Kalamkari Frocks

There is no such distinct variation between a Kalamkari dress and a Kalamkari frock. But, the only thing that separates them is the age bar.

When it is worn by a young girl you can call it as a Kalamkari frock. On the other hand, when Kalamkari frocks are designed for ladies, you can call it a Kalamkari dress.

Kalamkari Salwar Kameez

When it comes to perfect traditional Indian attire, salwar kameez is the only attire we can think of after a saree. Thus, if you are an Indian woman looking for the perfect traditional attire next to saree, then Kalamkari salwar kameez is your ultimate alternative.

Kalamkari Churidar

Both churidar and salwar kameez mean the same thing. Its just that it is called by different names in various regions across India.

Where to buy Kalamkari sarees, blouses, tops, churidars, kurtis and frocks?

You can purchase all the above materials and outfits from any traditional stores in the market. Make sure to look for the stores and brands selling Kalamkari and other traditional outfits.

Running to a shopping mall will be of no use if you do not find your perfect attire. Thus, traditional Indian attire can only be found at places selling Kalamkari sarees.

There are various saree shops in India selling all kinds of kalamkari sarees and you can choose your perfect dress, blouse or top based on the style and Kalamkari art and design pattern.

Amazon is another awesome source to buy Kalamkari sarees, blouse, tops, churidars, kurtis of your choice at reasonable prices.