Dharmavaram Sarees – Silk, Pattu and Cotton. Dharmavaram Sarees Price

The great trinity of Indian wedding sarees embraces the Kanchipuram silk, the Banarasi silk and therefore the Dharmavaram silk. Dharmavaram sarees have been in consistent demand as bridal wear due to the blend of the latest style and tradition. The weaving of Dharmavaram sarees is one of the newest, compared to all or any alternative drapes.

The elegant Dharmavaram silk is woven in two different colors, giving an impression of muted double shades that area unit accentuated by the solid color border and pallu. This double coloring offers a definite twisted impact, distinctive to those sarees. Brocade patterns and motifs embrace Byzantine temple styles and a range of ethnic Indian styles just like the elephant, peacock, lotus, etc.

The Dharmavaram silk is preponderantly the marriage sarees of the south. Hence, initially, Dharmavaram silks were created principally in combos of yellow and maroon, each auspicious color of Hindu tradition.

However, with additional individuals being curious about the sarees, the weavers incorporate a variety of alternative shades into the sarees and currently Dharmavaram sarees area unit just about obtainable all told colors. The distinct double tone of the sarees sets it except for all alternative south silks. They are weaved mostly in Dharmavaram, Andhra Pradesh.


Dharmavaram sarees measure the exclusive patronage of the city of Dharmavaram, within the Anantapur district of Andhra Pradesh. This ancient city gets its name from Dharmambai, the mother of Kriya Shakthi Vodavaru Swamy, the founding father of the city. The city took to silk weaving naturally because of the abundance of mulberry trees around the space, that makes for a natural parcel of land for wild silkworms.

Dharmavaram sarees found nationwide recognition for the sheer brilliance and wonder of the weave. plain-woven at first as wedding sarees, in reminder red and yellow, the weavers innovated over time to incorporate all colors, motifs, styles, and gildings to stay up with the ever-changing times and increase their shopper base.

Today, the method has been part mechanized to help the craftsmen in meeting the strain of a world market. Whereas these sarees measure simply over a century previous, they need to establish themselves as a firm favorite with sari connoisseurs.

Typically plain-woven by hand with mulberry silk and zari, it takes four to eight days of continuous effort by 2 weavers, exploiting each of their hands and legs to weave an entire sari.

A variety of processes needs to be done before the particular weaving takes place. Once assortment of the cocoons from the sericulture farms, they’re stewed in steam to get the yarn.

Degumming the yarn with sodium carbonate and soap to get rid of the natural gums is followed by plying of the yarn to form a balanced texture for the ultimate wear, that perhaps a sari or a Bravada, that may be a long skirt worn by young women also known as in skirt.

Next is the complicated method of coloring, which has several aspects like the liquid quantitative relation, temperature, pH, etc. The pre-loom half ends with drying the yarns, which may then be wont to weave the sarees.

Dharmavaram silk weaving trade started off with some numbers in enumeration, however nowadays there measure over 1500 Dharmavaram silk producing openings with one 100000 handlooms in hand. The main folks living in Old Delhi are been inclined towards this saree yet as United Nations agency have preoccupied the task of planning for these saris.

Dharmavaram silk set its foot into the globe of tradition not solely thanks to the target of adding additional improvement into ethnic fashion, however conjointly thanks to its dependable past. There are several families base their living on the silk trade and trade, out of that this silk rose in quality and interest.

Conventionally Dharmavaram sarees measure plain-woven by the interlocked filling methodology. Jacquard weaving is an additional extraordinary standard. The styles measure loaded on the pc, punched into a card so loaded on the loom. It was registered jointly of the geographical indication from state by Geographical Indications of products (Registration and Protection) Act, 1999.

Dharmavaram silks have gained international ground and became extraordinarily standard in France and European country. Nowadays thanks to the good demand, there measure over 1500 silk producing units and over one large integer looms in active production. The annual turnover is around five hundred crores with a majority of the business go past ladies, contributive considerably to rural families.


This silk has usually been compared to the Kanchipuram silk. However, the double colored and shaded impact of Dharmavaram saris stands unambiguously apart.

These saris also are called Rajwadi sarees for its exclusive color mixtures and sort of ethnic styles. Dharmavaram sarees are one amongst the foremost religiously and ceremonially accepted sarees.

Hence, most of the motifs are bound towards such emotions. Peacock feathers and peacock motifs create the foremost well-liked styles. Next comes the Brahmakamals, star styles, and elephant styles. Spare inspiration has been drawn from temple design and such motifs are habitually drawn on saree pallus.

These sarees have a definite gold plated border with self-printed artwork. Motifs conjointly rely on the discretion of the weavers and their genius.

Dharmavaram sarees are very much accepted for the gold plated borders and design imprinted on them. Besides this cloth conjointly includes gold decorated patterns and motifs that fit the spiritual symbols delineated in temples and alternative spiritual places of worship.

Be it the elephant styles, peacocks or maybe the aesthetic temple borders, these motifs and styles replicate the spiritual culture through these saris, that doesn’t seem to be solely universally however conjointly religiously accepted and appreciated.

The Dharmavaram sarees of these days are innovatively embellished with ornamental stones, champions, sequins, and kundans that either contains an equivalent color or are multicolored. Besides saris, this design also can be witnessed on trousers tunic, Kurtis, scarves, and stoles.

Even loom things like carpets, bed sheets, curtains, bags, and cushion covers have this design imprinted on them. Crediting to the actual fact that this cloth has captured the international soils of Deutschland and France, several countries abroad are recognizing the standard side of this cloth and are appreciating the royalty and class this cloth exhibits.


Dharmavaram sarees have 2 distinct varieties: the loom and therefore the loom sort. Among the twenty-six styles offered within the sarees, eleven area unit loom and therefore the remaining fifteen area unit from the facility looms.

There are a unit around 240 jacquards of Kalanjali, Evening, Morning and Brocade Sarees. There are different types of Dharmavaram sarees open to your choice they are Dharmavaram pure silk sarees,Dharmavaram soft silk sarees, Dharmavaram handloom sarees, Dharmavaram sarees weaving, plain Dharmavaram sarees, Dharmavaram work sarees, Dharmavaram fancy sarees, etc.



The Dharmavaram silk is preponderantly the marriage sarees of the south. Hence, Dharmavaram silks were created principally in mixtures of yellow and maroon, each auspicious colors of Hindu tradition.

However, with additional folks being fascinated by the weavers to incorporate a variety of different shades into the sarees and currently Dharmavaram sarees area unit just about out there in all colors. The distinct double tone of the sarees sets it excluding all different south silks.

Modern-day Dharmavaram sarees area unit embellished with ornamental stones, chamki, sequins, and kundan. This appeals to the younger generation and makes it perfect for wedding ceremonies, functions, pujas, etc



The sarees are also known as pattu sarees, given the intricate and mythological motifs and design on the pallu, which depict paintings on the roof wall of Latha Mandapam and Lepakshi temples.

The pure silk interlacing with zari threads offers a thick structure to the sari, creating it excellent to drape simply.

The Dharmavaram pattu sarees are worn by traditional Bharatanatyam and Kuchipudi dancers for their thick yet malleable nature. The design is a complex process and needs to be punched into a card before the weaving process begins Weaving a Dharmavaram saree is a complex process which includes degumming of silk for purification, dyeing, sizing, warping, and wafting.

No Power Looms are used to make Dharmavaram pattu sarees. The thick texture of saree makes it perfect to wear in the winter season. The intense hues and design of sarees make it a fascination and alluring choice to wear in parties and as a part of wedding sarees trousseau!



Dharmavaram Cotton Sarees, famed for his or her bright, tantalizing colors, wide and enticing colored borders, the extraordinary use of thread weaving in zari on the designer pallus or finish items and go off within the most spirited reminder the first colors.

Wealthy and plush the Dharmavaram cotton sarees square measure most well-liked for his or her quality weaves, sensible use of zari embroidery and exclusive designer prints. Sarees having golden zari booties together with zari border and zari weaving elegant pallu is dead appropriate for parties and festivals.

Numerous patterns square measure utilized in a spread of the Dharmavaram Cotton sarees like floral booties, peacock, mango zari bootis and ancient styles. These sarees square measure terribly appropriate for a variety of occasions as for company workplace, functions, tiny parties, wedding ceremonies, college functions and ancient festivals like Diwali, Dussehra, Pongal, Ugadi and such.


Wedding Dharmavaram sarees also are referred to as Rajwadi sarees, for his or her exclusive royal color mixtures and texture. It was first weaved in yellow and maroon colors as they were auspicious colors according to Hindus. But in today’s scenario, these wedding sarees come in different colors and different varieties.



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Kanchipuram sarees are woven from pure mulberry silk. Whereas the silk belongs to the South Asian nation, the pure gold and silver zari comes from Gujarat. The silk thread that’s wont to weave the dress is unfit in rice water and preserved before it’s employed in order to extend each, its thickness and stiffness.

Dharmavaram sarees are double colored and shaded impact of Dharmavaram saris stands unambiguously apart. They are manufactured from Andhra Pradesh. These are the most preferred wedding sarees.


In today’s day and age, styles crafted on the saree became the deciding issue of the price purchasable. Heavily adorned saris have additional price values connected to them.

The purest variety of this material has conjointly escalated in demand yet as within the price issue that showcases its quality and recognition among many plenties worldwide. Rs. 2,000 to one Rs.1,00,000 is that the worth varies of those saris. Depending on the material and works the prize may vary.


  • The washing machine will be safe if it is washed within the machine. However, bear in mind to scrub them at most of forty degrees centigrade. Temperatures on top of that level aren’t appropriate for any reasonably sarees.
  • Or you can use this technique all you have to do is, Fill a basin with cool or lukewarm water, and add a number of drops of a mild detergent appropriate for silk. You may even use a mild body soap – one thing like baby soap would be ideal. Soak your clothes for regarding five minutes.
  • The key for laundry silk is to use mild soap. Remember you must wash silk in cold water, and it’s safe to use the washer on the light cycle. Once you wish to wash with your hands then, don’t soak silk for more than half-hour.
  • Since most Dharmavaram sarees area unit fabricated from important silk, skilled cleanup is very suggested. Care ought to be taken to preserve and store these sarees fastidiously, aloof from a dampish surrounding to confirm longevity and sturdiness.
  • Dry clean the silk variety; store fastidiously apart from wetness.