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Tussar Silk, also often referred to as Wild Silk, Tussar Silk is an exquisite thread obtained from a wide winged moth that is yellowish-brown in colour. These are also known as Emperor moths.

These moths are a true wonder of nature. Their wings are embellished by circular markings that look like a mirror. Indeed, when you look closely into those circular markings, you’ll be able to see a reflection of yourself. Producing Tusser is a rural art.

Traditionally, the women of the tribal and rural areas were trained in weaving Silk out of cocoons and weaving fabrics out of the threads hence obtained. It is exclusively made for tribal and rural labors. The women who are absorbed by the industry are trained in the production of Silk. It takes them 3 days to finish a single 10 meter Tussar Silk cloth.

For each employed labor, the task is to weave at least 10 Silk sarees in a month. Each Tussar Silk saree is sold for Rs. 3000 to Rs 3500. While the rural women who are involved in making the saree earn between Rs1,500 to Rs 2,500 for a single saree, the town women get a higher wage for the same job.


History of Tussar Silk

Kosa Silk is the Sanskrit name of Desi Tusser. Produced mainly in India, Tussar is highly valued for its natural Gold colors, which it inherits from the Antheraea Paphia, Antheria Militia, and Antheraea Proylei. As far as the history of the Tussar Silk is concerned, there is very little data regarding the time of its origin.

Prior to that, there wasn’t any trace of Silk being made out of any other natural or artificial object in place of mulberry fed Silk works. The cost difference between Tussar Silk and other forms of silk arises from the fact that the former is not fed on mulberry. In fact it is the rearing of the Tussar Silkworms that makes them a cheaper variety.

Pure Tussar Silk, conjointly brought up as ‘Wild Silk, “Forest Silk”, Tussar Silk, or Tussar Silk is Associate in Nursing exquisite thread obtained from a good winged lepidopteran that’s yellowish-brown in color. they’re made up of silk that’s made from silk worms that breed on wild forest trees, not mulberry trees.

The scientific name of those moths is the arthropod genus Paphia and they square measure a region of the cluster called Emperor Moths or Saturnids. These moths square measure a real marvel of nature.

Tussar Silk could be smoother than the other kind of Silk, the material is additionally cooler than the opposite varieties and could be a ton additional porous, therefore, breathable.

There is no dearth of colours that you simply will choose in Pure Tussar Silk sarees. From the sunshine tones like beige or golden honey, to the darker and brighter hues like pinks and reds, there’s an entire gamut that you simply will select from. You’ll move into for a variety designs} starting from the standard block styles to the additional up to date ones today.

The overall look and style that emanates out of such color mixtures are a few things each elegant woman would vouch for. Even at intervals the Tussar Silk material, there are variety of classifications. In all, there are five varieties of the material that are made within the silk producing trade. Every of those comes with a touch of cotton mixed with the Tussar warp.

Once it involves the foremost fashionable ones, it’s the Tussar material, or the Tussar cotton that sells the foremost. Major part of Tussar Silk is produced in India. The Kharsawa district of Jharkhand in India is considered to be the epic entre and Jharkhand state alone accounts for more than 40% of total Pure Tussar Silk production in India.

Sericulture is managed by the skilled tribal workforce of the region and is the most viable income generation source for them. Tussar is also manufactured in the towns of Chhattisgarh, Orissa, Maharashtra, West Bengal and Andhra Pradesh.


Pure tussar silk

Pure Tussar silk sarees have an upscale, royal texture that helps a girl feel special and distinguished. In style for its beguiling and engaging texture, silk sarees are available in a good vary of types, a number of the favored ones being Pure Tussar Silk.

Few different materials have the pure combination of shine and glamour that Pure Tussar Silk creates. Bhagalpur is popularly referred to as the hub of production of Pure Tussar Silk sarees and Bhagalpuri silk loom sarees.

Tussar silk sarees square measure offered in several varieties starting from fashionable and up to date to the normal and ethnic. If you would like to shop for Tussar silk sarees, you’ll notice a colossal repository on-line in numerous colors and designs at the net store of Utsav Fashion.

A loom item familiar for its wealthy quality, pure Tussar Silk sarees are available in marvelous styles. The wealthy texture and lustrous borders of those sarees look sensible on all occasions. It’s currently straightforward to urge some sensible styles while not visiting the south as a result of you’ll merely purchase Pure Tussar Silk on-line.

Pure Tussar Silk sarees square measure adorned with gold and silk threads to make zari work or resham thread to create floral or geometric patterns. These silk sarees also are in style for his or her brocade work.

These patterns square measure sometimes created on the border and pallu a number of the foremost formal silk sarees use a mixture of these parts. Silk sarees with a different pallu and border square measure very distinctive style. People wish to purchase Pure Tussar Silk sarees from Banaras, Mysore, Kancheepuram, Tanjore or Dharmavaram.


Printed Tussar Silk Sarees

You can buy printed tussar silk sarees in several colours. There are light hues like light yellow, beige or golden or dark and vibrant hues like pinks, reds, navy blue, purple saree and a whole lot you can pick from.

You have both traditional styles and contemporary ones. You also have sarees in lovely colour combination like white and sea blue, black and golden, white and green, pink and yellow, orange with multi coloured striped pallu, black saree with tipple color border design blue saree with golden extension and lots more.

We also stock maroon, navy blue, magenta and red tussar sarees with embroidery and lovely borders and pallu designs.


Pure Handloom Tussar Silk Sarees

The authenticity of handloom silks is outstanding and one of its categories is the tussar silks which can be identified with its clear feel of the texture. Many regions have their own traditions of loom sarees. Weaving takes place in several regions of Asian country.

Every region has tradition styles for the motifs, style and hues. Loom weaving takes place in villages supporting lakhs of families for his or her sustenance. A loom frock is usually plain-woven on a shuttle-pit loom made up of ropes, picket beams and poles.

The shuttle is thrown from Tar Bhullar region by the weaver. Different weavers use a fly-shuttle loom which may turn out differing types of patterns. The sarees will vary in size and quality. Handloom saree weaving is mostly a family enterprise and one among India’s house industries. The loom sarees area unit made up of silk or cotton threads.

Historically the processes of thread coloring and warp were outsourced and filler, attaching the warp, woof winding and Weaving were done by the weavers.

The method plays a serious role in weaving loom sarees and also the final product in retailers. However, the state of affairs has modified, and presently most of the activities area unit outsourced.


Tussar Silk Sarees with Embroidery

Embroidery can be made on any type of tussar saree designs, from vibrant Bandhani patterns to exquisite zardosi motifs, from hand-painted.

You also have wide variety of fabric choices including pure silk, chiffon, georgette, velvet, crepe, brocade, satin, cotton, khadi, jute and rayon. Tussar silk sarees with embroidery work have gained a lot of popularity in recent times not only in India but across the world.

As the pure silk sarees being very delicate, therefore, it cannot hold heavy embroidery work on it and so for the lovers of embroidery work designers have come forward and innovated blended embroidery saree which also gives the lustre and sheen but is a little thicker to hold the designs


Popular Blouse Designs for Tussar Sarees

With the fashion scene changing at the drop of a hat, there is one piece of garment that is timeless. And, if there is one thing that can enhance this affable array, it is only the blouse.

So, if you want to take your saree game to another level, up your blouse game, everything else can take a back seat. And, the access to talented fashion designers is ubiquitous, thanks to the technology. Here are few days idea to let you decide how to choose blouse design for sarees;

  • Blouse Back Neck With Bow For Silk Saree
  • Patch Work Blouse Designs For Cotton/Silk/Chiffon Sarees
  • Contrast Designer Blouses For Silk Saree
  • Net Blouse Designs For Party Wear/Silk Sarees
  • Kanjeevaram Saree With Embroidered Blouse Design
  • Blouse Designs With Border
  • Mirror Work Blouse For Pattu Sarees
  • Pot Neck Kundan Embroidered Blouse
  • Pattu Border Work For Mysore Silk/Zari Sarees
  • Zardosi Work Design For Pattu Blouse
  • Full Sleeve Blouse Designs For Silk Sarees
  • High Neck Blouse Design For Silk/Cotton Sarees
  • Contrast Pattu Blouse Embroidery
  • Plain Sleeveless Blouse For Jute/Silk Sarees
  • Half Sleeves Pattu Blouse With Sheer Design Embroidery
  • Gold Zari Saree With Peacock Maggam Blouse
  • Red Pattu Saree Blouse With Golden Embroidery
  • Traditional Wedding Blouse With Border
  • Red Saree With Burnt Orange Blouse
  • Floral Pattu Saree And Embroidered Blouse


  • Varkala Silk Sarees Pink Kanjivaram Tussar Silk Traditional Saree              –      ₹2808
  • Rajnandini Beige Tussar Art Silk Traditional Saree                                          –     ₹1007
  • Satrani Beige Silk Blend Woven Design Tussar Saree                                     –     ₹1294
  • Ishin Yellow Checked Bhagalpuri Tussar Silk Traditional Saree                     –    ₹ 549
  • Satrani Red Tussar Silk Jacquard Woven Design Maheshwari Saree           –     ₹1653
  • The Chennai Silks Orange & Green Silk Blend Woven Design Tussar Saree –    ₹5179
  • MIMOSA by Kupinda Purple Tussar Silk Solid Banarasi Saree                        –     ₹1583
  • The Chennai Silks Magenta & Green Silk Blend Woven Design Tussar Saree – ₹5179
  • Rajnandini Beige Tussar Art Silk Traditional Saree                                           –     ₹1007
  • Rajnandini Cream-Coloured Tussar Silk Traditional Saree                               –     ₹1007


In today’s scenario these sarees can be bought from anywhere, even we can buy it in online. But as mentioned above authentic sarees can be bought only from Jharkhand.