Assam Silk Saree & Assam Muga Silk Sarees – A Complete Guide

Assam is one of the most popular places for producing premium quality silk sarees. Their art of weaving is unique, exclusive, and contemporary.

In fact, in many books related to India, there are mentions that silk was originally brought to India by Assam. We will discuss it all; the history, origin, types, and designer Assam silk sarees.

Assam Silk Sarees – History

Talking of the history of silk handlooms, Sualkuchi is the hub and headquarter for silk products of Assam. The place is also known to carry out handicrafts other than the handloom industry.

To share another interesting fact from the past, Sualkuchi’s handloom industry got great recognition post Second World War.

The growing demand for silk products from Sualkuchi brought many weavers and commercial dealers together to manufacture silk garments on a large scale.

Assam silk sarees are traditionally also known as Muga silk. Their wild silk with yellow and golden tint makes them most women’s favorite. The Makhela Chaddar is another traditional Assam silk saree that enjoys equal importance and love globally.

There was a time when Assam sarees were reserved by the royal families in the past. Since these sarees hold a special place in the past; they are highly valued even today.

The specialty of Assam Silk Sarees

Assam is recognized and appreciated for producing different types of silk sarees. We shall certainly discuss that ahead.

For now, let’s understand the main features of Assam silk sarees. Assam silk sarees are prominent for their high durability and unique features.

These have a natural yellowish tint with a slight, shiny, and glossy texture. Due to its eccentric look and color, Assam saree is sometimes also known as Muga.

Most women dream of wearing an Assam silk saree at least once in their life. It is due to their light and delicate features.

Types of  Assam Silk Sarees

The silk handloom industry is one of the major survivals for many people of Assam. The state is known for producing mainly three types of silk sarees; Muga, Pat, and Eri silk. Let’s understand these with a few more words…

Muga sarees: Gold that rules Assam

Muga silk sarees of Assam are also known as the Golden Treasure of Assam. Muga silk sarees and handlooms were reserved by the royals in the past. It is one of the most recognized indications of Assam.

Muga is well-known for its luster, uniqueness, and durability. Thus, the demand for Muga has always been higher.

The best part about muga silk sarees is that they can be hand washed. Another interesting fact about these sarees is that the luster increases after every wash.

Pat silk sarees

Many people recognize Pat Silk Sarees as Mulberry Silk Saree too. The color of the silk is naturally white or off-white. Again, these silk sarees are highly known for their durability and glossy looks.

Assamese also use this silk to make Mekhala-Chadors. The beauty and grace of these sarees cannot be defined in words.

If you take a look at a few pictures of women wearing Pat silk sarees of Assam, you would know what we mean.

Eri silk sarees

Eri silk is also referred to as Vegan silk. One amazing fact about this silk is that it is manufactured causing no harm to the silkworm.

The cocoon to extract the silk is harvested only once the moth leaves the nest. The silk in this type is somewhat woolen in texture and has thermal quality.

Thus, it is high in demand during winters. Once again, Eri silk is also popular for its durable quality, soft texture, and ability to resist moisture.

It is one of the most preferred clothes by women of Assam. The same cloth is also used to make curtains, bed lines, and baby clothes. In simple words, it can be stated that Eri silk is a versatile fabric compared to the other two.

Blouse design matching to Assam silk sarees

Talking of simple blouse designs to match Assam silk sarees, a silk blouse in a contrast color can be a perfect match. Let’s discuss a few exclusive designs for a perfect and stylish look.

Stone Work And Maggam Embroidery Blouse Design

Heavy stone work on the blouse can make any woman look flawless with Assam silk saree. Stone work and Maggam embroidery work blouses are available or can be custom made in a variety of colors. Pick your favorite!

Silk And Net Combination Designer Blouse

Silk and net combination doesn’t need further explanation. We just have one word for the beauty; it is perfect to make anyone look voluptuous as it reveals only what is required and hides the rest leaving admirers tempted.

These blouse designs are perfect substitute for evening gowns.

Silk Blouse With High Neck Designs

High neck blouse, Assam silk, and sophistication go as a perfect combination! To add elegance, let the sleeves of the blouse be full sleeves.

Add some classy earrings as a piece of jewelry and you don’t have to do anything extra to raise people’s heartbeats.   

Dori And Sequence Heavy Embroidered Blouse

Dori on the backside of the neck or on the end of the sleeves looks gorgeous on any woman with Assam silk sarees.

These blouses come as stitched designs too so that you can just wear the blouse and drape the saree wasting no time. Dori represents traditional looks and heavy embroidery adds beauty to the looks.

Kutch Work Blouse

A combination of Assam silk saree and kutch work is rare. Assam sarees are plain and simple; kutch work on the blouse makes it full-filling and appealing to the eyes. The wearer is surely going to turn many heads towards her.

Silk Blouse With Kalamkari Patchwork

Patchwork means adding two different designs or cloth in one blouse. This can look amazing when you have a plain color to wear silk.

From brocade to silk, you can choose any fabric in blouse piece. Try to go for three-forth sleeves, full sleeves, or short sleeves instead of sleeveless on this blouse design. Sleeveless won’t give justice to the patchwork and looks.

Contrast Blouse

If you are using the saree as a bridal wear, deep neck blouse covered with heavy jewelry is an excellent match! These ideas can go on any type of silk sarees. To add to its beauty, complete the looks with a traditional bun and a big bindi.

Embroidered Blouse

Gold, white, and off-white Assam silk sarees can make you a picture perfect beauty if you team it up with an embroidered blouse. A little embroidery on the borders looks amazing too.

In short, the simple you keep it, the elegant it looks. Talking of jewelry, stone jewelry is a perfect game!

Chinese long top

To break the traditional barrier, you can match the saree with a Chinese top. Chinese top lie blue or red is perfect to grab the attention on a white Assam silk saree. It makes you look classy, sensible, and mature.

Checker sleeveless blouse

This is one of the most breathtaking blouse designs that go well with Assam silk sarees.

A checkered sleeveless blouse especially in royal blue or red color looks amazing on a silk garment. Cover your neck with a piece of heavy necklace.

Lace border sleeves blouse design

A classic traditional blouse design with simple lace border doesn’t need any description. You may simply wear it and earn compliments. Minimize the jewelry to pay attention to the lace border.

There are oodles of other designs that are designer-made to break the traditional norm of Assam silk sarees. Find out your favorite and discuss it with your designer as well if you are looking for exclusivity.

Assam silk sarees Price

If you are just thinking of buying the Assam silk saree without blouse piece, the starting cost of these is INR 1200 and may range up to INR 10,000 too.      

The price may vary from dealer to dealer and from the location you plan to buy.

Moreover, there are other factors responsible for the price variation such as designer’s work, brand, type of silk, length of the saree, and with or without blouse piece.

Final Comments

There are many ways you can drape an Assam silk saree to break the traditional way. Accessorize your looks the way you wish as there is no rule book to carry this amazing piece of art on the body. All you need to work on is to look stunning and gorgeous; Assam sarees unburden you from this stress at least to 60 percent.