How to wear a saree step by step in 10 steps with Pictures

Indian women have always been fond of wearing different colored and beautifully designed sarees. What makes Indian women stand apart is their love for 4 to 9 yard long beautiful attire that is a household name in India. Whatever the occasion might be, be it a party, dinner, wedding ceremony or any other celebration, Indian women are highly praised for their looks and appearances which are further enhanced by their draping of sarees.

You can also make eyeballs turn with admiration and amazement if you know how to wear a saree perfectly. Wearing a saree is not at all difficult, but it certainly requires a bit of effort and endeavour on your part to achieve perfection in the art of draping a silk saree. You may be having the most beautiful and expensive sarees in your trousseau, it’s no use if you don’t possess the skills to wear one with an impeccable finish. You can make everyone go crazy about your style statement if you possess the requisite skill and finesse needed to wear a saree with this traditional ethnic outfit.

When it comes to wearing a silk saree, it is like putting on any other saree, but it outdoes other fabric sarees by adding extra grace and charm to your personality. The elegance of the silk saree takes your beauty to another level if draped properly. you’ve got to be a bit careful about the choice of the petticoat as the smooth texture of the silk saree is a bit tricky to handle.

Silk Saree and its components

Like all other sarees, a silk saree also consists of three constituents which make it a complete whole. The three pieces are a blouse, a petticoat and the saree.

The petticoat is worn from the waist down to the feet and lies underneath the main outer drape. It helps the saree to stay in a firm position. It is made from all sorts of fabric like cotton, satin, net or organza. The petticoat or the underskirt has to be of the right length. It should also get along with the saree so that they both don’t mismatch.  If you are wearing heels, you’d do better by putting on the saree with your heels on so that you get the perfect length for your attire.

The blouse is the upper outfit worn with a saree. Wearing right blouse makes the attire look more attractive and eye-catching. It is a piece of cloth with hooks that can be stitched as per your measurements and requirement of the design. It is also an indispensable part of the saree and it must be an ideal match for the saree to do the desired trick for you.

The saree is the main outer fabric exclusively designed and created to captivate the mind and heart of those who look at this beautiful drape. From 4 to 9 yard in length, a saree comprises two ends. One end is usually simple that get inside the turns, the other end is ornate which is called Pallu.

Wearing a Saree Step by Step – Process of Draping a Silk Saree

Here is a step-by-step process for you to learn the art of draping a silk saree which will help you to transform yourself into a diva:

Step 1

You’d better choose a cotton petticoat with a silk saree as the slippery texture of the silk saree can be kept in place with the firm support provided by a cotton petticoat. The petticoat has to be neither too loose, nor too tight. It should be firm enough for the saree to be tucked in firmly.

Step 2

Tuck the plain end or non-bordered end of the saree in the right side waist gently, you should feel comfortable with the grip. Neither it should be too loose nor too tight, or else, it will make you feel uneasy.

Step 3

Bring the saree around the waist a full circle and keep tucking the saree throughout till you reach the right waist. Here you have to be particular about the proper tucking in of the saree so that the fall of the saree on all sides is even. This process is to be done bit by bit without showing any haste. If tucked improperly, the look of the saree will not be appealing enough. Make sure that the length of the saree has to be on inch off the ground to make it look perfect on you.

Wearing a saree step by step in 10 steps - step 3

Step 4

Now take the other end of the saree which you can get ready beforehand with properly arranged pleats and nicely tucked with safety pins. Make sure that you use small pins for securing a saree.  Avoid big pins as they will damage the fabric. You’ve got to iron this end of the saree perfectly so that it feels smooth and looks wrinkle free. This part of the saree works as the ‘Pallu’ which covers your chest and shoulder. It has an important role to play in adorning you as this affords the central or frontal view to the people. Put this well pleated end of the saree over your left shoulder and further down to the back of the knees. You can decide the length of the Pallu as per your requirement.

Wearing a saree step by step in 10 steps - step 4

Step 5

Pleating is an extremely important part of draping a saree. Whereas right pleating can earn you overwhelming compliments from people, the improper arrangement of pleats can play havoc with the appearance of your saree. A simple looking saree can enhance your beauty to another level if pleating has been done properly.  So pleats have to be evenly arranged with utmost care and precision.

Step 6

Now fix the bottommost pleat of the Pallu with the blouse right behind the shoulder with a small or medium sized pin so that the Pallu remain secure and firm in its position on the shoulder.

Step 7

Hold the pleat that is nearest to the blouse in front and wrap it around covering firmly the right and the left waist respectively and it should further reach down beneath the navel where it is to be tightly secured with a small or medium sized pin. Yes, this part of the saree has to be parallel to the Pallu to look perfect.

Step 8

Now hold the fabric that remains unarranged in front. Make about five to six pleats with each of them about the span of your palm. A pleat can be about 4 to 6 inches. Five-six pleats spanning your thumb to the index finger will give you a comfortable feel, whereas shorter and regular pleats will make you look rather fuller. You can choose the latter if you have a very slim waist and would not mind the bulk of pleats tucked into it.

Wearing a saree step by step in 10 steps - step 8

Step 9

Arrange the pleats properly right in front of your navel and stow them in the petticoat right beneath the navel. You can further secure the pleats by using a medium sized safety pin to tag the pleats to the petticoat. This trick will be useful in keeping the saree intact while you move about.

Step 10

Adjust the pleats in front to give a neat look and use pins wherever necessary. This is the most famous and common style of draping a saree. You’ve got to master this and you’ll gradually be a pro in draping sarees in different popular styles.

Important Saree wearing Tips

  • Here it is important to say a word or two about the Pallu that you had firmly pinned onto your shoulder. The Pallu is part of the saree that covers in a slant your chest and midriff and goes above your left shoulder and further behind down up to the back of the knees.
  • Remove the safety pin on your shoulder and adjust the Pallu in such a way that the rest of the saree gets properly adjusted on your body. The fitting of the Pallu can enhance your curvy look and make you the center of attraction.
  • The Pallu may be pleated or without pleats. Pleated Pallus give a better finish to the saree. The draping of the Pallu varies from one region to another in India given the diversity in Indian culture and lifestyle of people. It is interesting to try out the various draping styles this country has to offer. You can go with the simplest one by keeping the Pallu loosely draped over the shoulder or you can pleat it up for a more sophisticated and prim look.
  • This way you can successfully drape a silk saree by yourself standing in front of the mirror. A saree is an outfit that has draped women of every class in India since time immemorial. Trends have changed, new fashions have ruled the mind and heart of women but saree has always been a garment that has stood the test of time by being the favorite of the women in all ages.
  • Owing to the renewed interest of women in ethnic garments, the saree has emerged as one of the most famous outfits for women all over the world. With the evolution of fashion statements and sensibilities, saree as a garment has undergone a tremendous change with new experiments being made with it every passing day.
  • The saree now manifests itself in customized and fashionable forms like the retro drape and the dhoti drape which are being eagerly embraced by the fashion loving youngsters in and outside India.
  • Silk sarees being the most desired and sophisticated ethnic garment have become unbelievably popular with women. There are many variants available in silk sarees such as Kanjivaram silk sarees, Paithani silk sarees, Pashmina silk, Nalli silk, Tussar silk and many more. Silk sarees exude matchless elegance and unparalleled grace on any of your chosen occasion. By learning to drape the silk saree, you are adding something very special to your dressing sense.

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