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Assam Silk Sarees

Assam Silk Sarees Elegance never goes out of style. Elegance is maintained when draping yourself with our oldest traditional dress, the saree. This pure silk is originated from Assam,the saree thus made is one of the purest silk products. The silk produced is known for its fine glossy texture,  and durability.  The specialty of this silk saree is that the entire saree is finely designed with Resham work only. This […]

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Engagement Sarees | Latest Trends | Complexion | Blouse Designs

engagement sarees_banner

Wedding is one of the most cherished moment in every girl’s life. It is something she has dreamt about since her childhood and wants it to be picture perfect. The process of selecting your wedding saree is a great adventure, because what you wear on that special day, will stay throughout your life. Not just for wedding, but the entire process right from deciding to get married, selecting the groom […]

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Kashta Saree | Price | Learn How to Wear Kashta Style Saree

Kashta Saree

A saree is a single piece of cloth which brings us closer to our Indian tradition and value. It enhances the beauty of the wearer and is an attire to cherish. Hailing from the humble state of Maharashtra, the Kashta Saree, also known as Nauvari saree, Konkani Saree and Sakachcha Saree is a an unique style of draping the nine yard wonder. This drape is also worn in some regions […]

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Christian Wedding Sarees | TIPS to Select the Best Christian Bridal Sarees

Christian Wedding Sarees

When you think of a Christian wedding, an image of beautiful flowers, long and gorgeous gowns and of course yummy cake pops into your mind.  This image is slightly different when you move to the south of India where you will see the bride walking down the aisle in a beautifully clad saree. This saree is prominent in Kerala and Goa where Portuguese culture is reflected. It is in these […]

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Pattu Sarees | FIND the BEST Pattu saree suitable for YOU with PRICE

Pattu Sarees

Introduction: When we think of sarees, pattu sarees are the first things which pop up first in our mind. A priced possession of every woman is a pattu saree. Produced mainly in Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal and Jammu & Kashmir, this saree is the pride of India.  Gujarat is famous for the gold and silver zari used in silk sarees. World’s most expensive silk saree which reproductions of paintings […]

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Onam Saree | Know about Traditional Kerala Onam festival Sarees


One of the biggest festivals in ‘God’s Own Country’, the state of Kerala, Onam is traditionally celebrated to mark the return of King Mahabali, whose spirit, as the legend goes, returns to Kerala during the Onam period. Onam is well renowned for the grand feast called, Onasadya. Traditional sarees are the first thing that comes to mind when speaking of Onam celebrations. From Kerala Kasavu sarees to handwoven Kanchipuram silk […]

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Jamdani Saree | History | Price | Latest Jamdani Saree Designs


Sarees kind associate degree integral a part of each Bengali woman’s wardrobe and one among the foremost common textiles that boast of an expensive history and heritage is that the Jamdani sari. Popularly referred to as Dhakai Jamdani or just Dhakai, this art of textile weaving has its roots in the national capital, Bangladesh. The main feature of Jamdani saree fabric is it is one among finest kind of textile […]

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Dharmavaram Sarees – Silk, Pattu and Cotton. Dharmavaram Sarees Price


The great trinity of Indian wedding sarees embraces the Kanchipuram silk, the Banarasi silk and therefore the Dharmavaram silk. Dharmavaram sarees have been in consistent demand as bridal wear due to the blend of latest style and tradition. The weaving of Dharmavaram sarees is one among the newest, compared to all or any alternative drapes. The elegant Dharmavaram silk is woven in two different colors, giving an impression of muted […]

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Sabyasachi sarees collection | Sabyasachi bridal sarees | Price


INTRODUCTION: Sabyasachi Mukherjee is the most asked designer and comes across because he indulges face of the contemporary Indian rag trade. He perceived his sartorial data from NIFT (National Institute of Fashion Textile) and shortly gained an appreciation for his distinctive sort of fashion illustration. His outstanding quality of creative thinking and an uncommon perspective lend him the Femina British Council’s award as a young designer of Bharat. Sabyasachi’s debutant assortment […]

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Kuppadam sarees with price | Kuppadam pattu, silk and cotton sarees

Kuppadam Sarees

India is a land of diversity. Indian Ethnic wear has been in trend since times immemorial. With the Changing time, the trend is even getting popular at other places too. South India is famous for its unparalleled beauty in clothing and apparel. South Indian Sarees are known to be a harbinger of festivities. From silk to cotton, these sarees are available in variety of fabrics threaded with intricate and distinctive designs. Kuppadam Sarees […]

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