Traditional Blouse Back Neck Designs | 27 Crazy Back Neck Designs

Indian ladies wear lovely blouses with their saris. Many blouses have special backs. The backs have cute designs cut out.

These traditional blouse back neck designs allow ladies to show some skin. But they still look nice and modest. Let’s learn about some traditional back neck designs from different parts of India.

Indian Blouse Legacy

Back cut out blouses have a long history in Indian fashion. But creative designers keep inventing new variations. Modern patterns mix old and new ideas. Classic styles get updated with new details. Older ladies stick to traditional looks from their regions.

Younger generations follow popular fashions too. Backless styles once unseen become trendy in cities. But simple elegant shapes always stay popular.

Creative back neck blouse designs will likely always be part of Indian style. They help make saris stylish yet comfortable in hot weather. And they allow ladies both modesty and beauty.

Simple Round Cut Out

A basic design is the round cut out. It is just a simple round hole in the back. The hole sits between the shoulders. This lets the top of the lady’s back show.

It is common in plain cotton blouses. It’s easy for ladies to wear saris with this blouse. They don’t need to fuss over fancy clothes. This simple, elegant style works for many Indian women.

Triangle Cut Out

Another easy style uses a triangle cut out. It makes sort of an upside down “V” shape. Two lines go diagonally down from the shoulders. They meet at a point in the middle back. Then the fabric below that is cut out.

This makes a basic triangular space. It flatters the woman’s shoulders and back nicely. Simple borders or strings may decorate the edges.

Intricate Embroidery

In parts of northern and western India, ladies wear blouses with lovely embroidery. These have decorated round, square or heart-shaped cutouts.

The holes have colourful stitching all around them. Tiny mirrors and beads highlight the floral patterns. Some blouses look like works of art! The embroidery makes the plain cut outs look extra special.

Crisscross Straps

Blouses from southern India often use crossed straps. Strips of fabric crisscross over the open back space. They attach to the sleeves or shoulders.

Sometimes pearl strings also drape attractively across. The crisscrosses frame the back cut out elegantly. They add design without showing too much skin. Crisscross straps look great with braided hair too.

Knotted Strings

Some back designs incorporate knotted strings. First, big U-shaped holes cut out the back. Then pretty beaded cords lace across them.

These knot-in-crisscross or lattice styles. Knotting strings over the holes makes them more modest. But they still allow air flow so ladies stay comfy. The knotted cords can match the sari colours too.

Spaghetti Straps

In big cities like Mumbai, some ladies wear blouses with slim spaghetti straps. These have two skinny straps holding up the top. They connect over a plain backspace.

Spaghetti strap blouses go well with fancier saris. The simple straps balance heavy embroidery or bright colours. Tying a sheer scarf around the neck completes this modern look.

Backless Blouses

Bold women might wear a backless style blouse. This leaves most of the back totally bare. It extends just to the waist or hips at most.

Some have halter straps around the neck for support. Other use clear plastic straps instead. Backless blouses make quite a glamorous statement for evening events. But this sexy style is still pretty rare in traditional Indian fashion.

Mix and Match

Many Indian ladies own a few nice blouses. They can mix and match different blouses with saris. A simple cotton sari might pair with a round cut-out blouse one day. The next day, that same sari can go with a different blouse.

Maybe one with triangle cutouts or pretty embroidery. Mixing blouses keeps each sari looking fresh and new.

Some of the Most Popular Traditional Blouse Back Neck Designs

  • U-neck: A classic and versatile design, the U-neck is suitable for both formal and casual occasions. It offers a clean and elegant look and can be adorned with simple or elaborate embroidery depending on the occasion.
  • V-neck: The V-neck design is similar to the U-neck but with a deeper plunge. It adds a touch of sensuality and is often paired with sarees or lehengas.
  • Sweetheart: The sweetheart neckline is a romantic choice, with a gentle dip in the center. It is often seen on bridal blouses and offers a flattering silhouette for women with broad shoulders.
  • Keyhole: The keyhole design features a small opening at the back of the neck, adding a touch of intrigue and peek-a-boo style. It can be simple or embellished with embroidery and buttons.

27 Mind-blowing Blouse Back Neck Designs [Images]


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Final thoughts:

India’s traditional back neck blouse designs offer a rich and diverse array of options for women to express their unique style. From the classic elegance of the U-neck to the playful allure of the keyhole design, each style reflects the cultural heritage and craftsmanship of the region.

Whether you are looking for a simple yet elegant design or a bold and eye-catching statement piece, there is a perfect traditional blouse back neck design waiting to be discovered.