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The city of Gadwal, set between the rivers Tungabhadra and Krishna, isn’t simply famed for its peaceful co-existence between two states, however conjointly for its loom weaving business. The famed silk Gadwal sarees are well-known for its lovely zari work, well-crafted Kuttu borders and light-weight. It’s even simple to keep up material, whereas the cotton-based sarees gift an ideal choice for the user. It gives a fashionable look and simple wear.

The whole saree is created of cotton material whereas its borders are designed in silk. Attributing its styles to the temples and their design, one will see lovely and exotic shapes adorning the borders and body of the saree. This sari particularly is that the reason for the incredible growth in textile industries in the state. Silk or Cotton, or a hybrid of the two defines the Gadwal sarees the simplest. Superbly plain-woven and designed saris are currently factory-made to extend the assembly and to widen its quality on a worldwide scale.

Gadwal sari could be a mixture of cotton and silk, wherever the whole drape is totally cotton-weaved and whereas, the borders are of silk. The complete match-up is completed in such how that one will wear these saris for any occasion. The designs within which the Gadwal saris are plain-woven are interlocked filling borders whereby the styles are created obtainable in contrastive colors.

The golden zari work on the lengths of the borders offers it an exquisite bit. With the growing demand of Gadwal sarees, the weaving advanced to the looms or textiles and, the styles were all modernized. These saree options a fine cotton field that is weaved one by one and later interlocked with borders and pallu created out of pure silk.



Mythology tells Gadwal silk weavers are the direct descendants of Jiveshwar Maharaj – the primary weaver of Hindu gods and goddesses. The sarees were originally well-liked as joyous and considered as non-secular wear, worn throughout pujas and different functions. The weavers of the sarees were sent to Benares (now Varanasi) so they may get the art of weaving.

However, despite being formed in Benares, the art takes zero influence from the state of the province and depends instead on South Indian aesthetics. Commercial sale of the Gadwal sarees saw a peak within 1930. Historically it has an additional added point to the efforts these days rattan man Rao, a veteran within the trade of loom sarees, WHO opened a Gadwal center in Hyderabad in 1946 wherever the sarees quick climbed the recognition charts and have become renowned across the country.

The Gadwal sarees were hand woven types of dress, that were the most supply of keep for the weavers of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. Gadwal sarees were an enormous hit, right from the start. Hence, some weavers from Gadwal were sent to Benaras by the king to be told the art of weaving this specific vogue. the result was handwoven sort of Gadwal saris that became vastly well-liked. Because of the exploitation in 1930 Gadwal saris whereby the spinning looms and different little manual machines came into existence to assist the weavers.

Much later, textiles and handlooms took over the complete exploitation of Gadwal dress.In the starting, once the weavers began weaving this ancient craft, the styles and colors were tailored from the temples and nature severally. the sooner Gadwal sarees were solely obtainable in earth colors with wealthy styles.

Step by Step as time passed and exploitation of saris came into existence, there have been brighter and higher colors created obtainable. With the culture of coloring, a mess of colors that cause distinction in these saris is currently created obtainable to the patrons. In fact, the styles have additionally full-grown on the far side the shapes and design of the temple. Today, additional fashionable styles are created with these epic wears.




One of the foremost outstanding options of the sari is that the admirable zari pattern found on the textile and also the well-crafted Kuttu borders. Kuttu is that the art of change of integrity within the border and pallu of the sari when it’s been plain-woven. While a pure silk version of the Gadwal sari will exist, whereas the borders are designed in pure mulberry silk or tussar (this is additionally called the sico saree).

The interlinking yarn technique accustomed style the Gadwal sari is domestically called “Kupadam” and also the weaving vogue for the borders is “Kumbam”. The silk for the sari is sourced from Bengaluru and also the gold for the zari comes from Surat. Gadwal sarees got their recognition from the folk of Gadwal, a city situated within the state of Telangana. Weavers during this region are extremely virtuoso and also the craft is passed from generation to generation as a heritage follow, hence manufacturing alone vary for Gadwal sarees.

The material accustomed build Gadwal Sarees is slick with the Pallu and border holding a contrastive combination. These sarees are adorned with numerous gildings and embroideries in numerous patterns that are mostly influenced by the culture and art of the region. Carvings found on the wood and stone artifacts of Gadwal region are used as common inspiration for making styles in these sarees. Apart from these, one will simply notice the Hamsa (a legendary swan), Youli (a legendary trendy lion) and also the double-headed eagle within the sari pattern.

One of the foremost renowned specialties of Gadwal Sarees is that it’s a 5.5 meter long sari which will be sunburst and fitted during a match box! This distinctive characteristic attracts quite an heap of consumers. These sarees sometimes have a broad golden border. While pure Gadwal silk sarees are out there within the market, there are lot of fashionable and sensible choices that measure the sico sarees, a mixture of cotton and silk.

The Gadwal variety of sarees measure extremely commercial and has witnessed an enormous margin of sales in western countries. One amongst the most reasons individuals think about the Gadwal sarees because the best gifting possibility is its lightweight weight. It is often collapsible into a form as little because the box and it hardly has any weight – which implies it’s an ideal gift for all those relatives living abroad United Nations agency are disquieted concerning extra baggage.

Since the pallu of the sari is joined later, forever look out for the Kuttu stitches to identify a resourceful. Another feature that’ll assist you to recognize a resourceful loom sari is that despite being a mix of cotton and silk, the border of the sari can forever be fabricated from silk. Sticking to its inspiration from temple and nature, the motifs have forever been within the form of temples, and therefore the design of non-secular places. However, with the economic process of the sarees, you’ll be able to conjointly see geometric shapes and checks on the nine-yard marvel. the foremost noteworthy feature remains the zari work, in gold and silver, on the border of the sari, that is usually fabricated from silk.


The dress incorporates a distinction zari pallu associated comes with a connected 0.8 m gadwall plant fiber. They are most notable for the Zari on the saris. The saree consists of a cotton body with silk pallu that is additionally given a brand new name as Sico saris. The zari add silver and gold together with the brilliant hues during which these saris are accessible provides it a chic and stylish look, one thing that’s not continually apparent in a very straightforward Pattu saree.


Cotton may be a material that suits any occasion or atmosphere. With cotton because the base, Gadwal sarees are appropriate for each heat and cold climates. With the wealthy and exquisite look, the saree is sweet for any reasonable occasion.

The gold or silver zari border permits one to settle on either golden or silver jewelry as accessories to match with lightweight clothing, bangles, and tika can go excellent with this dress. A Gadwal saree is understood for its wealthy look, brilliants colors and easy however ornate zari work.

The specialty of a standard Gadwal saree is that the body is woven in cotton threads whereas the border and pallu are the product of silk. This side of textile diversity attracts many ladies because it is unconventional and uncommon, even in the Asian nation. This is often done employing a special weaving technique that maneuvers the filling thread. For this reason, the Gadwal may be a most popular festive-wear dress that is additionally popularly worn for different formal occasions.

Within the last twenty years, Gadwal sarees have returned to be favorite by girls across the country. To suit the wants and preferences of recent girls, pure silk Gadwal sarees and pure cotton Gadwal sarees are created and wide purchased.

The Gadwal is understood for that includes one color on the body of the dress and another on the border and also the pallu. one in all the most reasons why girls like shopping for a Gadwal saree is that the Gadwal shows some very good contrasts moreover as refined and stylish distinctions with the choice of refined, well-spaced elaborations. The vary of colors to settle on from is incredibly huge and tends to suit totally different vogue sensibilities as way as hues go.



  • Never hand-wash or machine-wash a silk saree.
  • In case the sari gets stained, straight off wipe the stain off with cold water.
  • It is advisable to only dry-clean silk sarees.
  • Never droop a silk sari to dry in direct daylight as this can cause the color to fade.
  • Don’t keep the sari bundled up as this can end in the threads of the embroidery work obtaining entangled.
  • Store the sari during a light-weight cotton cloth artifact. This will provide the sari respiratory house and can stop one sari from projected to a different once unbroken during a pile.
  • Don’t store the saree in a plastic cover as this will cause the gold embroidery to turn black.



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In today’s scenario, these sarees can be bought from anywhere, even we can buy it online. But as mentioned above authentic sarees can be bought only from Hyderabad.

Time and Tide waits for none, so do not waste your start shopping Gadwal silk sarees and feel like Queen. Hope you enjoyed reading this article !!!