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Bhagalpuri silk is thought to be the queen of all materials it has one of the best textures of silk that springs out of nature among all. Bhagalpuri silk sarees are a unit far-famed for his or her superior quality and putting resilience. Bhagalpur may be a village settled on the banks of the watercourse Ganga.

The specialty of this city is that the special silk cloth called tussah silk or Bhagalpuri silk. The silk made from this city is exported globally. Bhagalpur is also known as the silk town.

Approximately two hundred years ago, Bhagalpur was stuffed with tons of consummate craftsmen specialized in weaving a special reasonably silk that was later introduced as Bhagalpuri silk. The dying technique of a Bhagalpuri silk sari is what sets them apart from the regular art silk sarees on the market in the Asian nation.

The recognition of Bhagalpuri isn’t simply confined to our country. As per a preferred online booking portal, Bhagalpuri Silk is talked regarding in some countries of Europe, Japan, the US, GB, and France. Bhagalpur boasts of over 35,000 weavers with 25,000 looms and includes a total business of a hundred crores once a year. Few individuals are concerned within the method of separating silk from the cocoons.


History of Bhagalpuri Sarees

The history of making Bhagalpuri silk sarees started 200 years by highly skilled craftsmen. It stands unique because of the dyeing technique of these Bhagalpuri silk sarees that sets them apart from the other art silk sarees. In today’s scenario, acid dyes are used instead of vegetable dyes, because it is suitable for silk and easily available on the market.

This purest and natural form of embroidered silk fabric traces its existence and emergence way back to the Vedic Age, which is centuries ago. However, the Maurya Age also recognized the magical soul of this artwork which managed to lure and attract the majority of the people during that era and this attraction passed onto the later eras which slowly and gradually uplifted the level of recognition and demand of this artwork.

These procedures brought this fabric into the limelight which was appreciated and recognized by the Moghuls as well. With the passing years, this artwork got entangled into a lot of social and governmental tentacles, which started fading the demand and attraction towards Bhagalpuri Work.

Bhagalpur, once a booming place for silk fabric making is losing its market to new centers such as Bangalore, and Ahmedabad. Lack of credit, power shortage, and increasing competition from the other silk manufacturing centers have put the Bhagalpur craftsmen in jeopardy.

The subsidies offered by the Government to the silk making units in Bhagalpur are also drained off by some other people. Some of the looms are operated by generators and are more dependent on them.

Bhagalpur receives power supply only for two hours in a day. Chronic power cuts in the state have also intensified the problem. The craftsmen are average people, with many of them living below the poverty line. While they make glorious fabrics for the elite people of the society, their lives always are in darkness.

As the weavers are not able to grease the palms of officials they have problems in getting bank loans sanctioned. Most of them take loans from the market for an interest rate of 5% for a month. With the payments for their cloth getting delayed, they face problems in repayment. Possibilities exist that, weavers might shift for an alternate source of earning, and leave the age-old weaving tradition to deteriorate, and die gradually.

The silk industry of Bhagalpur is reeling under adverse conditions. The drying market is staring at the silk weavers, leaving them on the brink. Many factories are shut down, and weavers are moving to other cities, while some of them are doing labor works, and a few started selling vegetables.

The silk industry of Bhagalpur is now fighting for a foothold. After a relatively long period, this artwork came back with a bang and empowered with the zest to make it big once again in the garment work industry.

The government, as well as non-government firms and institutions, took up the initiative to pull up this ‘lost’ artwork into the forefront of the competitive market and retain its powerful quality and demand across the world.


In today’s scenario, Bhagalpuri work has been able to spread out its branches wider in different variants apart from garments like curtains, cushions, bed covers, curtains, cushions, bed covers, and table covers.

Due to its popularity, bhagalpuri saree gathered its popularity in this traditional era by providing the opportunity for draping it for various occasions like religious ceremonies, formal occasions, celebrations, and traditional get-togethers.

However nowadays with the innovative touch, these garments can be worn for every occasion, be it formal or even non-formal as their designs are delicate, and intricate and can mold itself into any form of gathering.

With its growing demand and interest, international ramps and fashion shows have started to include these fabrics for display which has attracted millions of garment manufacturers abroad. This artwork industry is considered to be one of the most ancient and traditional compared to other fabrics and embroidered artworks.

Majority of the people found their interest in this industry and began engaging their profession into this field. This artwork is being enhanced by segregating the Silk threads from the Tussar cocoons and implementing the task of spinning on the yarn which weaved the Bhagalpuri work into the fabric in a beautiful manner.


There are many specialties and varieties that enhance and spread out the beauty of this artwork to a greater extent. Varieties like Katia, Giccha, Eri, Mulberry and various varieties of Bhagalpuri sarees yarn facilitate in giving this fabric a pastoral look and provide an essence of delicateness to its texture.

These varieties are familiar to convey the material a fashionable and a royal outlook and holding the fascinating styles and motifs imprinted in them. The industry makes 2 million meters of silk in a year that constitutes to a wide and popular variety of these bhagalpuri sarees. Today, this artwork has managed to rope in numerous skilled weavers and craftsmen, be it any age group. These yarns are weaved with silk threads of multi colors which are reared from the Tussar cocoons.

They are weaved into epic and innovative designs and motifs making a Bhagalpuri Saree or any other variant, vibrant and bright in its texture and feel. Moreover, Bangalore and Mysore Silk are always been in competition with this Bhagalpuri sarees. However, the quality and finesse of this embroidery stand apart. This embroidery is also eco-friendly in nature and in this silk not many silkworms are killed.



A Collection of Gorgeous Bhagalpuri Cotton Sarees Can be yours. Bhagalpuri cotton sarees are best in class and makes the women graceful and beautiful. It beautifies women wearing it and gives a new personality. Bhagalpuri silk sarees are always coveted by women.

Their glamour is second to none; saree retailers always have to stock up on Bhagalpuri cotton sarees because women usually buy them as a party and casual wear. They also can be used for office function parties and outings too as such sarees are more comfortable and convenient in wearing. So don’t hesitate, start shopping today!



Embroidery can be made on any type of bhagalpuri saree designs, from vibrant Bandhani patterns to exquisite zardosi motifs, from hand-painted Kalamkari artwork to mirror work borders. You also have a wide variety of fabric choices including pure silk, chiffon, georgette, velvet, crepe, brocade, satin, cotton, khaki, jute and rayon.

Bhagalpur sarees with embroidery work have gained a lot of popularity in recent times not only in India but across the world. As the pure silk sarees being very delicate, therefore, it cannot hold heavy embroidery work on it and so for the lovers of embroidery work designers have come forward and innovated blended embroidery saree which also gives the luster and sheen but is a little more thicker to hold the designs



There are numerous reasons behind why the Printed Bhagalpuri silks continue to be a favorite among women, the specialties of Printed Bhagalpuri sarees are mentioned below:

  • Printed Bhagalpuri sarees have a certain kind of texture that looks sophisticated and plush
    Printed Bhagalpuri sarees are made from one of the finest silk threads in India
  • These silks are often not gaudy, they have a simplistic and elemental charm in them that look simple and classy
  • The designs that are printed or woven on the Printed Bhagalpuri sarees speaks of the golden time of the Mughal era when artworks were revered and beauty was lauded
  • These sarees are vibrant. Bright colors like red, yellow, fuchsia, blue and green are often used in Printed Bhagalpuri sarees. The white palette is often used too, colors like ivory, beige and pure white rule the Bhagalpuri saree market
  • They are very versatile in nature and can render your persona with a dynamic edge
  • Bhagalpuri sarees are comfortable and can be worn on all weather in the tropical countries
  • With the intricate designs and this natural material, you can go back in time and enjoy all the attention you get wherever you go for a party or a function.



Here are few days ideas to let you decide how to choose blouse design for Bhagalpuri sarees;
● Pink Blouse In Banaras And Bhagalpuri silk
● Stylish Back Neck Design
● Pattu Blouse With Deep Neck
● Pink Maggam Work Blouse For Green Pattu Saree
● Boat Neck And Balloon Sleeves Blouse
● Crop Top Inspired Blouse For Plain bhagalpuri Sarees
● Peacock Motif Contrast Blouse
● High Neck Sleeveless Blouse For Pattu Zari Saree
● Banaras Blouse With Kundan Work
● Net Blouse With Quarter Sleeves
● Gold Bridal Pattu Saree With Pink Blouse
● Pot Neck And Back Open Blouse Design For Yellow Bhagalpuri Silk Saree
● Dull Gold Zari Saree And Stone Embellished Blouse
Net Blouse For Pattu Saree
● Fancy Designer Blouse For Party Wear Sarees
● Gold Kundan And Mirror Work For Green Pattu Saree
● Floral Raw Bhagalpuri silk Blouse For Plain Chiffon/Raw Bhagalpuri Silk Sarees
● Contrast Blouse Design For Plain Pattu Sarees
● Dull Gold Saree With Heavy Work Blouse
● Blouse Designs With Border
● Mirror Work Blouse For Pattu Sarees
● Pot Neck Kundan Embroidered Blouse
● Half Sleeves Pattu Blouse With Sheer Design Embroidery
● Gold Zari Saree With Peacock Maggam Blouse
● Red Pattu Saree Blouse With Golden Embroidery
● Traditional Wedding Blouse With Border
● Red Saree With Burnt Orange Blouse
● Half Sleeves Pattu Blouse With Sheer Design Embroidery
● Gold Zari Saree With Peacock Maggam Blouse


● Ishin Orange & Blue Art Silk Woven Design Bhagalpuri Saree  :  Rs. 539
● Sareemall Beige Silk Blend Solid Bhagalpuri Saree :  Rs. 629
● Ishin Beige & Pink Art Silk Woven Design Bhagalpuri Saree :  Rs. 539
● Ishin Yellow & Black Art Silk Checked Bhagalpuri Saree :  Rs. 549
● Ishin Brown Bhagalpuri Art Silk Floral Print Saree :  Rs. 549
● Ishin Green Art Silk Printed Bhagalpuri Saree :  Rs. 539
● Ishin Selection of 2 Art Silk Printed Sarees :  Rs. 829
● Saree mall Off-White & Black Printed Bhagalpuri Saree :  Rs. 461
● Blissta Grey Art Silk Printed Bhagalpuri Saree : Rs. 580
● Ishin Pink Art Silk Printed Bhagalpuri Saree :  Rs. 549


In today’s scenario, these sarees can be bought from anywhere, even we can buy it online. But as mentioned above authentic sarees can be bought only from Bihar.

Time and Tide waits for none, so do not waste your time start shopping Bhagalpuri silk sarees and feel like Queen.