Uppada pattu Sarees – History, Latest Uppada Saree Designs and Price

Uppada Silk saree is described after a tiny beach town of Uppada in East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh, India. Also acknowledged as Uppada Pattu (Silk in Telugu), Uppada Silk sarees are manufactured from the age-old Jamdani technique.

Recognized for the unusual patterns in them, Uppada sarees are customarily produced with a Cotton thread. Utilizing simply non-mechanical methods, Uppada Silk sarees are specified by the length and breadth count of strings. The artisans further utilize a lot of zari activity in the beautiful designs of Uppada Silk Sarees. Nothing can beat a combination of uppada pattu saree and matching colored beautiful blouse.

Uppada Sarees History, Material, Measurements and Specialty

History of Uppada Sarees

To learn the story of Uppada Silk, one has to principally investigate the course of the Jamdani weaving method. After a slump in the 19th century due to the manufacturing debacle in England, Jamdani witnessed a gradual resurgence in the 20th century.

Consequently, the method of Jamdani was interjected in Uppada in the year 1988 where it included designs that were rigorously classified with Andhra Pradesh.

This pointed to the beginning of a new composition range named as the Uppada Silk Sarees. Nevertheless, it furthermore used about ten years for the Uppada Silk sarees to receive due appreciation and fame.

Evolution of Uppada Pattu Sarees

evolution and history of uppada sarees

The title Jamdani in the Uppada Jamdani Sari is a Persian vocabulary, in which Jam indicates flower and Dani indicate Vase. Jamdani style of weaving is started in Bangladesh. In the 18th Century, It was taken to the south and in Uppada community of East Godavari region, Andhra Pradesh, India Jamdani style of weaving was recreated with a historical reverberation. The Jamdani style weaving continued as traditional as 300 years. In 1972, Uppada weavers were accepted by Govt. of India with President’s award.

Material used in Uppada pattu sarees

Material used in Uppada pattu sarees

The expansion calculation of yarns is 100 and the width calculation is 100 in the weaving method of Uppada Silk Sarees. Jamdani performed in Uppada has two weavers operating on a single loom and weaving gentle and pretty patterns on the material by zari work. As this is an artwork prepared individually by hands, it takes two meticulous months before a magnificent piece of work is finished.

Recreating a Jamdani weaving method was remarkably tough in the beginning stage because to familiarize the weavers with the complex arts of hand weaving reaped a lot of time. Now the weaving association obtain the designs and raw elements and produce Jamdani Uppada Silk sarees at their homes.

Regular cotton is the mantra. Indian ladies are often recognized for draping sarees and this outfit has been one of the fundamental elements of Indian folkways from biblical times to recent days. Indian females desire to wear embellished sarees on every complimentary opportunity and with the introduction of the fashion sphere, several modifications in the process of making sarees have been provided. Only because of pattern and decorative designs, Uppada sarees has impersonated delicate silk and handloom sarees for this season.

The Jamdani weaving technique employed in the Uppada sarees is considered to have started in the kingdom of Bengal and reached on to various states in India. It is also remembered as Neelambari method of weaving in the north. Jamdani weaving is a labor-intensive, complex structure of handloom weaving that needs sufficient time and talents. It is comparable to fabric work.

The yarn is first cleaned and submerged in the stain to color it precisely. The fiber is then rinsed, air-dried and stiffened to give it a perfected look along with a long-lasting color. The yarn is then placed onto the warp and is equipped to be woven. It exercises around one week for the weaver to produce four Uppada sarees from the thread. For more intricate decorations and zari production, it might take further weavers and about 20 days for one sari. The weaving abilities are moved on from generations.

Measurements and weight of Uppada pattu saree

Measurements and weight of Uppada pattu saree

The length count of strings is 100 and the extent calculation is 100 in the making and weaving method of Uppada Silk Sarees. Jamdani made in Uppada needs two weavers serving on a single weaver and weaving fragile and wonderful patterns on the substance by zari work. Since this is an art prepared undividedly by hands, it gets two meticulous periods before a magnificent part of work is finished.

Famed for the distinguishing forms in them, Uppada sarees are engrafted from cloth warp. Uppada silk sarees are sketched by length and circumference couth of fibers or strands. Both the length and breadth count of threads is 100 in the making of Uppada silk sarees.  Lots of zari work is employed by artisans to render beautiful forms of Uppada sarees.

Uppada sarees are known for their lightweight. Typically the weight of Uppdata sarees varies from 600 gm to 1.0 KG. 

However, the heavy work on saree may increase the weight.

Why Uppada pattu sarees are lightweight

Measurements and weight of Uppada pattu saree

Uppada silk sarees are the fragile and the tinge colors silk sarees. The weaving pattern is jamdani class and the zari which is used while creating this light is pure. The decorations and themes of Uppada silks are chic and the tints are prosperous and bright which makes it even more lightweight.

The remarkably familiar Uppada ‘pattu Sarees’ interlaced with absolute silk, gold and silver wire or original Zari, are a much-preferred wedding outfit. Being light in weight, the ornamental flowering, peacock or curvilinear motifs in the ‘Jamdani’ pattern, with comprehensive aligned margins and a pallu to match, make the appearance of the saree extremely appealing, that it lends harmony and clarity to the wearer.

Types of Uppada sarees

Types of Uppada sarees
Here is the list of popular Uppada sarees

  • The Handmade Uppada Saree
  • The Big Border Uppada Saree
  • The Simple Jamdani Uppada Saree
  • The Multi Color Plain Uppada Pattu Saree
  • The Cream And Black Uppada Cotton Saree
  • The Half And Half Uppada Saree
  • The Big Pallu Uppada Saree
  • The Sky Blue Goddess Uppada Saree

Why Uppada pattu sarees are so special

Why Uppada pattu sarees are so special

Uppada Silk sarees are maintained in grand admiration the world above and are recognized as one of the leading patrons to India’s textile histories. In particular, the Victoria and Albert Museum of London claims of a wonderful combination of Jamdanis including Uppada Silk Sarees. Mr. Ghanshyam Sarode, the pathfinder of this art, has conveyed the series of Uppada Silk sarees overseas on numerous moments to UK, Europe, Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai, and Korea.

By far the largest benefit for Uppada Silk sarees has been in the USA where Mr. Sarode has accompanied four triumphant shows. Not only in the programs authorized by Mr. Sarode, but Uppada Silk sarees too have a house of their own in nearly all silk carnivals. Uppada Silk sarees are a favored alternative by cine actresses beyond the Indian spectrum for social occasions.

In which places Uppada pattu sarees are popular

In which places Uppada pattu sarees are popular

India is particularly recognized for its Pattu Sarees and principally in South India. There are several classes of Pattu Sarees in South India. In India, we beckon silk “Pattu”. India is the second big-hearted nation that has yielders of silk in the world and the primary place in China.

But the consumption of silk is stronger in India solely because of its significance that is attributed to the materials. It is a culture in India to wear a saree at the time of weddings and any other promising celebrations. Silk is a representative of authority and historically employed by upper class principally.

For what occasions Uppada pattu sarees are the best?

For what occasions Uppada pattu sarees are the best?

There are different varieties of sarees you will notice in Uppada from kalamkari to Kanchipuram, Benaras to khadi,  etc. As Benarasi saree has frequently been the primary desire for Indian women, mainly on the wedding, it is favoured by various women as a wedding occasion saree. Other than that, Uppada sarees are worn by women in several traditional occasions ranging from bridal shower to many other such type of events.

Banarasi silk sarees from Uppada are usually recognized for their complexities in the production of zari and Resham. Light and radiant appearance of the leading class silk material is one of the prominent characteristics of benarasi silk sarees from Uppada.

The core of India is also recognized for Chanderi silk sarees as well. The unconventional tones with classy patterns make it a degree apart. The saree produces soft, light and uncluttered feeling to the one who wraps and it is mainly notable for its glossy finish, and pallus. These features make this saree wearable in almost every Indian events and ceremonies. Women desire this particular saree because of its extraordinary look.

A variety to this is the Uppada pure silk Saree with a decorative design, a golden edge, and an engaging pallu, that discovers it queried after for parties and celebrations. The more widespread variety of the Uppada silk saree, with embellishment and Zari work, is appreciated for more specific occasions. The more popular variation of the Uppada Sarees, with edging and Zari work, is beautiful and is admired for more special occasions.

The embodiment of the Uppada silk sarees which is surprisingly appropriate for the summertime period is commonly observed on provincial cultures and community, and its period is utterly divided in different categories, as each kind of saree exhibits outstanding characteristics and integrity in its own way. Hence, females stop hunting here and there this season and go for Uppada Sarees to meet up your character and beat the heat.

Price range of Uppada sarees

Price range of Uppada sarees

With the excellent appearance and lightweight material, Uppada Silk sarees are amongst the added valuable varieties of Silk sarees in the globe. The typical price variety of Uppada Silk sarees is between Rs. 5000/- and Rs. 20000/-.

Other than the price, there are various types of sarees available in the market which can be worn by almost every women in the world. Apart from the price mentioned above, Uppada sarees are also available in various other ranges. You can purchase it from a local store or a branded store as per your preferences.

Uppada Pattu sarees are undoubtedly one of the more costly sarees that you can purchase. The price also sometimes ranges from Rs. 1200 to Rs. 5000 if you buy it online. The Fashion Outlets is a label that you can believe. There’s a particular class of Uppada Pattu saree that is proper if you wish to purchase it for a wedding purpose. Also, it is suitable for various other events and ceremonies.

Latest uppada pattu sarees

There are various types of Uppada Pattu silk sarees available in the market worldwide and specially in India. But here is an overview of the latest collection of uppada sarees in the market which you would always favor over any saree for an auspicious event or ceremony.

  • Uppada Handwoven saree in Black color

Price range of Uppada sarees

  • Uppada black check silk saree

Uppada black check silk saree

  • Traditional pink and green uppada silk saree

Traditional pink and green uppada silk saree

  • Uppada Jamdani silk saree

Uppada Jamdani silk saree

  • Hyderabadi Uppada Pattu Sarees

Uppada Jamdani silk saree

  • Pure Uppada Tissue and plain saree

Pure Uppada Tissue and plain saree

  • Uppada silk saree with zari work

Uppada silk saree with zari work


The above piece of writing will let you know all you need to know about Uppada silk and pattu sarees. You will get to purchase Uppada silk and pattu sarees in the market and you can eventually wear in any event or ceremony you feel like. Uppada sarees are famous for its royalty and ethnicity and is popular among all women all over the world.

Refer to the above article for information regarding Uppada pattu sarees and you will be able to gather all the essential information you need as a buying guide to Uppada sarees.

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