Hairstyle on Saree for Round face – 20 Most Beautiful Hairstyles

Let’s admit to the most fundamental fact that, until you dress your hairstyle perfect, your styling is not on point when you wear a saree. The hairstyle is very important for the overall appearance with any combo. With sarees, it is indeed very relevant. Also, there are different hairstyles that will look amazing on you as per your facial shape. Hence, there are selected hairstyles on saree for round faced girls and women also that will look perfect.

The most beautiful Indian ethnic attire can be completely prepared to look mind-blowing by closing it off with an appropriate hairstyle. Really like how hairstyle is essential, it is fairly significant to pick the one that readjusts your face shape. This piece of writing is to help all Indian girls who are endowed with a flawlessly round face.

Though plaits and loose hair still tops among various who display sarees, we have a total lot of innovative (yet simple) hairstyles that can provide you with a delightful look with your sarees if you are a round faced. From buns to waves, there are so many modifications you can attempt and test. All you require is decent impulses to get you incited. That’s why we are here to support.

Now, without waiting for scroll below and view the various Indian hairstyles that you round face girls can style with sarees!

Hairstyle for Round Face Girls with Straightened Hair

Hairstyle for Round Face Girls with Straightened Hair

If you have prepared your hair straightening newly, and if the saree you intend to wear is manageable and clear, then don’t go overboard with your headdress if you are round faced. Our idea is to simply blow dry your hair, utilize a radiant serum and manage it free with a simplistic middle parting.

This hairstyle outfits a lot for modern girls. Furthermore, it goes great when you intend to wear a saree for social events where you don’t want to draw multiple eyeballs, yet you aspire to look chic.

So, next season, when you have your friend’s marriage or job outing, you now understand which headdress to pick!

Saree Hairstyle for Round Face Girls with Front Hair Cut (Bangs)

Saree Hairstyle for Round Face Girls with Front Hair Cut (Bangs)

And all you round face attractions, who have a front haircut and complimentary bangs, fret not, there is something for you too! Bind the locks for a chic cluster and opt for a high neck blouse. If you can be a bit hot, try this headdress with halter neck blouses on saree, and enjoy the fun you become irresistible to watch for people in the party.

20 Beautiful Hairstyles for Sarees with Round face

1. Free Hair with Loose Curls at the End

Free Hair with Loose Curls at the End

This is truly a small modification of the above headdress. This hairstyle is for those who have not artificially straightened their hair, but naturally gifted with straight hair with slight volumes. Girls, we understand your hair is something that is already excellent. But to give a punchy appearance with sarees, all you require to do is apply some expansive shampoo, get a quick blow dry and roll the ends of your hair. You are ready.

Again, this head dress ensembles so much for ingenuous sarees where you don’t desire to overload your attention. This can be also carried to the office or other social events. Eventually, attempt this hairdo with high neck blouses and it will resemble even more fashionable.

2. Braided Hairstyle with Sarees

Braided Hairstyle with Sarees

Still, plaits and braids have not squandered its charm. Braids are famous so much for legendary events and functions. And it looks great on girls and women who have pleasant thick hair to boast. Girls, who have light hair, please do linger away from braids as it might not be favorable.

Braided hair also resembles great on silk and other traditional weaves. So, if you are preparing for marriages, or gatherings with your precious silk/Banaras sarees, and if you are granted with a thick long hair, then without uncertainty, you can go for the traditional braided hair.

3. Sleek Hairdo with Flowers

Sleek Hairdo with Flowers

We know some of you girls desire to be completely fashionable even if you wrap your mothers or grandmas sarees. The great news is, even the traditional sarees can be performed to resemble so modern and chic with the appropriate hairstyle. That being said, what you require doing to get this appearance, is to opt for some smooth hairstyle, rather tense buns and close them off with a charming flower. Large red rose and any other uniformly charming choices will make this hairdo so chic and unique.

Therefore, if you want to retain a fashionable attraction to an oppositely simplistic old saree, you can instinctively go for this hairstyle.

4. Front Puff Ponytails with Sarees

Front Puff Ponytails with Sarees

Front puffs are not just for the oval-shaped appearance, round face women and girls can also attempt. These are right now very enthusiastic about the trend. The versatility of this headdress and chicness it delivers to an overall appearance is so exciting and sophisticated. That’s why several girls are insane over this hairstyle.

You can attempt them with sarees too. This headdress goes well if you are directly granted with straight hair, or if you could momentarily straighten your hair before the event where you desire to drape your saree. In any event, if you possess a lustrous straight hair, this hairdo will resemble unbeatable with any saree.

5. Messy Side Braid Hairstyle with Sarees

Messy Side Braid Hairstyle with Sarees

If you are an enthusiast of plaits but want a fashionable appearance instead of looking all common and decorated up, then you have an alternative here. Disordered side braids will satisfy your chic requirements. Furthermore, this headdress can give you a fashionable look. You can carry this with any stylist sarees and fancy picks. When you create this hairdo, try wearing statement earrings, so you can hold the fascination around your hairdo and the earrings.

6.Indian Half Up Half Down Hairstyle

Indian Half Up Half Down Hairstyle

If you desire to allow your hair loose but also crave to resemble more conventional, then you can attempt this headdress. It is a really manageable one and goes wonderfully with any variety of sarees.  If you desire to highlight this hairdo a bit more, then go for good-looking hair clips to accumulate more attention.

7. Simple Side Swept Voluminous Hair

Simple Side Swept Voluminous Hair

Of course, loose and unfretted hair is the most traditional form to style your hair these days. But consider it or not, it has millions of possibilities, by the way, you roll your hair, you take the distribution..etc. Chic side-swept hair with a sparse front whiff and a tangled bottom is an excellent opportunity for round face girls who desire to look drop-dead impressive on any embellished sarees.

Try this headdress if you desire to keep things shrewd and simply highlight your saree alone. That’s why this is more proper when you decide to wear pricey designer sarees.

8. Simple Bun Hairstyle with Sarees

Simple Bun Hairstyle with Sarees

For some analysis, you may desire to go a bit exciting on the makeup and hairdo and be manageable with sarees, hair buns are excellent alternatives to try. There are various hair bun alternatives possible, but for an enticing appearance, you can attempt a side-parted bun with a highlighting jhumka to append an angle to the overall saree style.

9. Simple Indian Loose Curls for Round Face

Simple Indian Loose Curls for Round Face

This is one of the comfortable hairstyle alternatives, yet that makes you resemble so draped up in person. This headdress resembles so satisfying when you have light color sarees to dress for an event/party. Light pink, ocean blue, mild beige are some colors that require an exciting hairdo like this to encourage your appearance. If you opt this hairdo with substantial work saree, it might resemble a bit much. So, go for this hairdo with radiant sarees. To honor this hairstyle, wear attractive earrings, and statement neck piece.

10. Exaggerated Front Puff Hairstyle

Exaggerated Front Puff Hairstyle

We already noticed front puffs are fairly favorable on round face girls. This hairstyle is comparable to the one which we already observed. The only exception here is the amount of puff and the smooth surface in the ponytail. It provides a very fashionable and chic charm. Even with the lighter hair density, you can try this!

11. Simple Front Puff With Curls

Simple Front Puff With Curls

There are numerous modifications of ponytail you can attempt with sarees. This particular one beats the list as it accommodates women of all generation and hair type. Girls even with light hair can try this. This will make your hair resemble bulky. Simplistic traditional sarees, georgette, chiffon sarees that looks silky when you dress needs an encouraged hairstyle like this to recompense.

12. Hair buns with Hair Accessories

Hair buns with Hair Accessories

Sometimes your saree, or the event you want to wear them, requires a heavy decorated up to look. If that’s the problem, go for any hair buns and highlight them with charming hair associates. These kinds of hairstyles are commonly proper for bridal functions, festive celebrations, family gatherings..etc. There are tons of decorative hair ornaments accessible online and you can solely purchase them based on your taste.

13. Sleek High Bun Hairstyles for Sarees

Sleek High Bun Hairstyles for Sarees

If you want to provide an excellent appeal to your saree fashion, then nothing can knock this exciting hairstyle. Smooth front parted hair with a puffed-up bun at the tail is something you require to attempt if you desire to look completely classy in your saree. While carrying this hairstyle, wear a board neck blouse to upgrade the look further.

14. Simple Hair Bun with Flowers

Simple Hair Bun with Flowers

Flowers are the soundest thing you can append to your hairdo to provide a conventional look. Be it any hairdo, flowers do transform you into a plain looking person. So, if you desire to give this kind of touch with your sarees, then solely match your hair for a bun and decorate them with a row of jasmine.

15. Simple Side Braid Hairstyle for Curly Haired Girls

Simple Side Braid Hairstyle for Curly Haired Girls

By the number of hairstyles described earlier is for straight haired girls. But, this particular hairstyle is for curly haired girls with a round face. Girls with round face and curly hair can try this particular side-braid hairdo. It is the best to go with a saree look. Be it a wedding, birthday or an office party, you can always carry this particular look with grace if you have a curly hair. You can apply some hairspray after setting your hair so that your front fringes and curls remain in place. Modify your look with some tiny flowers attached to your braid to complete your all-set look.

16. Simple Ponytail Hairstyle with saree for Round Face Girls

Simple Ponytail Hairstyle with saree for Round Face Girls

Of all the hairdos that we have observed so far, this apparently is the effortless and simplistic hairstyle. It is amazingly simple and so Indian on the surface. It can be opted by anyone and they can manage to look pretty. A simplistic ponytail with a pack of jasmine enclosing it is going to make you resemble so chic and attractive.

17. Fish Tail Braid Hairstyle with Sarees

Fish Tail Braid Hairstyle with Sarees

This is another braided hairdo alternative that you can attempt with sarees. If you have sufficient amplification and length to go for braids, then opt for fishtail plaits rather than default ones.  While simplistic braids are extremely intended for conventional sarees, fishtail can be conveniently carried with any designer sarees as it provides a fashionable look.

18. Messy High Buns with Sarees

Messy High Buns with Sarees

Messy buns eternally draw divas from all edges of the world. They look remarkably attractive with sarees too. Can you consider that the messy style can be drop-dead impressive with your silk sarees too?

While carrying this hairstyle, make sure your top back is charming to overhaul everyone’s attention. Messy high bun with a mind-blowing top back is a completely winning combination.

19. Messy Side Bun Hairstyle for Round Face

Messy Side Bun Hairstyle for Round Face

This is similar to the foregoing hairstyle, except the bun is located on sides for an innovative look. This variety of side buns, as we previously observed, requires catchy earrings to spin off the look. So if you opt for this fashion, don’t overlook to carry statement earrings or ear cuffs of your favorite to make it stand out!

20. Messy Low ponytail

Front Puff Ponytails with Sarees

We have witnessed various variants of the ponytail to display with sarees, and this one is for those who admire the carefree look with sarees. This goes well for the moments where you can be a little casual.


So, to all round-faced ladies and girls, worry no more as the above list is going to help you regarding your choice of the perfect hairstyle for occasions. So, read the piece of writing and know what kind of hairstyles you can adapt to look more beautiful.