Saree measurements – Length of Saree and Pallu – Width and Length of Lace

Sarees can be the perfect garment for you not only if you are well versed in draping it but if you are well acquainted with the technicalities associated with it.

By being well conversant with the right measurements of its different constituents such as Pallu, Blouse, Petticoat, Border and the main outer fabric, you can select the most suitable saree for yourself.

We have come up with some really important technical details related to sarees, which will help you to make any customizations required considering the ideal measurements of saree.

Key Elements of Saree Measurement

There are mainly 3 key elements in saree measurement

  1. Saree Length
  2. Pallu Length
  3. Border Width

The blouse selection can be considered as the outside of saree measurements. Now in days, most of the blouses are integrated within a saree as per required measurement.

Also, the petticoat is another important element while wearing a saree. Though it is not part of saree measurement, necessary care should be taken for petticoat measurements also. 

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Saree length

The length of sarees varies as per tradition and regional trends. It can be somewhere between 4.5 to 8 meters in length. The width is normally 1.2 to 1.5 meter.

There is no hard and fast rule about its dimensions. You can choose the size that you find the perfect for yourself.

“The standard length of the saree for an average woman is around 5.5 – 5.7 meters and if the blouse is also included, then around 6.3 – 6.5 meters”

Saree length in Yards:

“For an average woman, the standard length of the saree is around 6.0 – 6.2 yards and if the blouse is also included, then around 6.9 – 7.1 yards”

In the earlier days women from few regions used to wear saree of length 8 meters, but of late not many people wearing such a long sari.

Length and Width of a Saree Lace

Most of the sarees now in days have inbuilt borders. But some of the high-end sarees will have an option to add custom border lace.

“Typically, the saree border lace will be of 9 meters length and 3-inch width approximately.”

You should also understand the difference between designer sarees and normal sarees. A designer saree is usually expensive due to the heavy ornamentation and embedded zari work.

It is suitable for special occasions such as weddings, parties, functions, etc. Whereas a normal saree is best suited for daily wear due to the comfort and convenience they provide. 

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Pallu length

“Considering 5.5 meters is the average length of saree now in days, around 2.5 meters will be spared for pallu portion and rest 3 meters of saree goes into bottom portion.”

Pallu is the decorated end of the saree and you can drape it  as per your choice. The length of the pallu can also vary according to your taste. Covering your left shoulder , the pallu down through your back down to the back of your knees.

Get it pleated earlier if you want to save yourself from the unnecessary effort of pleating it every time you drape your favourite saree or you can keep your Pallu plain or unpleated to wear a rather sober look.

Petticoat length

The petticoat, also known as the underskirt or bodice, is worn from the waist down to the feet. While choosing the fabric for the petticoat, you must keep in mind the comfort. Cotton can be perfect because of the soft feel.

“Usually 2 meters of cloth is required for making a petticoat which should perfectly match the saree. If both the saree and the petticoat get along, the overall impact would be tremendous.”

The Blouse

The blouse is the upper outfit draped with a saree and it has to get along with the saree to make your drape attractive and appealing. It comes with hooks that can be stitched as per the comfort and requirement of the design.

An integral part of the saree, it must be an ideal match for the overall look of the drape you carry with elegance and style.

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